Main Achievements
The Oil refining industry is a major source of most economic operators. It contributes to raising the country's revenues. In a short time, we've been able to supply the local market with all its needs of various oil derivatives. We have a carried out of a few projects in this sector in the market with high quality oil derivatives.
We have worked hard to open the door to new oil industries, which had contributed to supporting a range of economic sectors such as transport, electricity, industry and construction.
We also commend our role in creating many job opportunities for young people with outstanding professional skills, according to their knowledge competencies, which give our projects a good addition
The establishment of the company witnessed the establishment of historical stages distinguished by government contribution and good encouragement for its success due to the great role it plays in the development of the national economy.
Our company manages the oil refinery at all locations where all oil refineries are located to be ready at all stations. Our oil products are mainly liquid substances such as fuel, gas, gasoline, kerosene and diesel.
The construction of the oil refinery has contributed significantly to the completion and securing of various oil derivatives operations throughout the country and to following the increase of productive capacity with the two-year sequence thanks to the efforts of the technical and engineering organs.
Our goal is also to raise the annual storage capacity in different locations of the company through stages
We have developed our qualifications in the area of oil derivatives filtering and distribution by establishing fuel filling stations in Basra Governorate. More than one fuel filling station to have a fingerprint and a distinction in this area, where we have opened outlets in Dhi Qar, Maysan and Basra, and after a while a brief approval year of 2009 for the oxidizing plant, the black gold plant in Khor al Zubayr and 50% shares of this plant.
After the establishment of this laboratory, which estimates its production capacity by 3,750 thousand tons per month, we have worked sincerely and professionally to provide it with the most up-to-date and well-known mechanical equipment, and we have given them high-tech expertise.
We have several projects such as the construction of liquid gas bottling plants. We currently have a lot of work to do, such as the construction of petrol stations and oil refineries in Basra and the construction of three fuel station sites in the Tanoma region, in the area of the brick, Nakhileh, in Grand Rabat area and in the Kindy area.
We have a number of business and distributional outlets for our gas stations where we have shares such as: first-line fuel filling station, Basrah Gate Fuel station, brick fuel station, Nakhileh, as well as the Safwan gas station and the Safwan Gate fuel station, the North Rumaila fuel station and the South Rumaila fuel station.