Safety conditions
Our company is working to provide a safe and sound operating environment for all its employees and visitors by making the safety system an integral part of our diverse activities.
We are working to achieve safety conditions for workers to prevent serious injuries, and we are working hard to modernize safety conditions and bring it into line with the development of modern technologies, which will benefit the health of staff, visitors and the environment.
Emphasize the minimization of risks and practices as well as behaviors that cause accidents and provide facilities with the most up-to-date equipment necessary for the safety of employment and staff, so we work on the safety of staff and maintain their health with periodic and permanent monitoring of facilities, as well as the protection Environment that is among our goals.
The health and environmental safety of all of our oil products is absolutely necessary to reduce the risk of the use of petroleum materials. We respect the laws relating to the proper scientific use, transfer and disposal of waste and subject to the requirements of global regulations for the preservation of the safety of persons and the preservation of the environment. Storage, handlers, as well as spills are subject to very strict conditions with global specifications that will achieve and ensure the continuity of our products and services.
We work very well to treat waste from spills in scientifically considered ways, and we use materials of global quality that are known effectively to combat the fire which may be produced for a reason, with training courses to teach workers how to use these materials properly to combat The fire that may occur at any moment, and the composition includes the provision of first aid, which is monitored by a person with professional first aid experience in order to achieve the safety of the people.
Our company pays more attention to health safety requirements to ensure enhanced production of petroleum derivatives. Workers working at the refinery are also subject to periodic check-ups to prevent illnesses and injuries that may be inflicted on the work site. Our doctors and nurses have always been in constant contact with the workers, with the majority of workers enjoying health services that make them permanently immune from disease. First aid services are available at all refinery sites and in all areas where we are located.
We have created a medical department in cooperation and Coordination with the Department of Safety and Fire by conducting field tours at all stations where the plants are located to identify and control and prevent risks that may arise from liquidation activities, extraction of oil and gas derivatives, and ascertaining the extent to which the refinery has taken health requirements and environmental safety. The company's scientific laboratories also inspect samples and provide technical and technical services to ensure the safety of groundwater near the refinery stations.